Why we exist

Introducing persons to the love of Jesus Christ, Equip disciples for service, Share the grace and forgiveness of God, Achieve life-long spiritual growth, Commit to study and learning, Transform the world through service to others, You are invited to be a part of this group of disciples as we celebrate the grace of Jesus and allow it to change us and the world.

We believe that every member has been called by God to serve in the ministry of the local church.

Ministry Team

  • John-Simmons

    John Simmons

    Senior Pastor

  • Ted-Anderson

    Ted Anderson

    Pastoral Assistant

  • Jeremy-Clayton

    Jeremy Clayton

    Director of Youth Ministries

  • Stacie-Johnson

    Stacie Johnson

    Director of Children’s Ministries

  • Jennifer-Thomas

    Jennifer Thomas

    Kids 1st Cordinator

  • Mary-Luallen

    Mary Luallen

    JOY Director

Administrative Team

  • Dora Hayes


  • Dee-Dee-Lloyd

    Dee Dee Lloyd

    Administrative Assistant

  • Jill-Pike

    Jill Pike


Worship Team

  • Dan-Marsengill

    Dan Marsengill

    Choir Director

  • Steve-Boullemet

    Steve Boullemet

    Praise Team Director

  • Judy-Anderson

    Judy Anderson


  • David-Dempsey

    David Dempsey



  • Fred-Bush

    Fred Bush

    Building Director & Custodian

  • Karen-Pike

    Karen Pike

    Assistant Custodian