Consignment Sale

Children’s Market Consignment Sale

Jacksonville First United Methodist Church
Children’s Ministry
109 Gayle Ave, SW,
Jacksonville, Alabama (Behind McDonald’s)
Coordinator: (256) 239-6033
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Our fall sale will be Sept. 16 – 18 from 10 am until 8 pm.  Friday will be our discount sale.  Children’s Market will be closed on Saturday, Sept. 19, for sorting and consignor pick-up.

Accepted forms of payment:  Cash,  Visa and MasterCard.  Photo ID required for credit purchases.  Minimum purchase for credit/debit transactions is $10.00.

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Fall 2015  

Consignor Information

We are now accepting Restocking Consignors.  Our traditional spots are full.  Restocking consignors have their inventory placed on the floor as space allows.  All inventory from Restocking Consignors is on the sales floor by the time we close on Wednesday.

Interested in being a traditional consignor? Volunteer with us! Restocking consignors who work 8 hours between Sunday and Tuesday afternoon will be moved to the traditional consignor list before our preview sale on Tuesday at 4:00 pm.

Our consignment events are usually held twice a year. Consignment events are a great way to score incredible deals as a shopper (up to 90% off retail), and to make top dollar as a seller on your gently used items.  We will accept the first 150 consignors.  After those spots are full, we’ll open spaces for restocking consignors.

Our consignors receive 75% of their sales.  Consignors who work 12 hours will receive an additional 5% of their sales.The church’s portion of the sales is used to help families referred to us from local non-profit organizations and to support our Children’s Ministry and Youth Ministry with outreach, special projects and mission activities.

Fall Drop-Off Dates: Sunday, September 13 and Monday, September 14.  (Deadline to enter items will be 10:00 AM on Sunday, Sept. 13)

Consignor  fee:  $8.50 (deducted from your check)

Restocking Consignors:

Download your Restocking Consignor Packet.
Interested in consigning for the first time?
First-time consignor registration

All items must be priced $2 and up.  Here’s a handy pricing guide for our consignors:

Are you too busy to get everything together for the sale? Try our Valet Tagging option and let our moms do the work for you!

Supply kits will be available soon for consignors to purchase.  Items offered are:  Wire hangers, white cardstock, safety pins, tagging barbs and/or guns, cable ties and other supplies.

Volunteer Information

Our volunteers keep our sale running smoothly and are the most vital resource we have.  If you’re interested in volunteering with us, follow this link to sign up:  Free childcare for volunteers will be available on Sunday and Saturday by reservation.   Email to reserve childcare.

Learn more about Team Member Benefits, Time Commitment and Shopping Times.

Each volunteer must help for a minimum of 8 hours.  Four of those hours MUST be during set-up or sorting (Sunday, Monday or Saturday).  The other four hours can be any of the other shifts throughout the week.  You can sponsor another person to work in your place (husband, mother, child over the age of 13, etc.) and you will receive the credit for their hours.

Only one preview pass will be distributed for each volunteer who works 8 hours.  The preview sale will be for consignors and volunteers only.  No additional passes will be offered via social media promotions or by request from current volunteers.   (That means a smaller crowd while you shop and more merchandise for shoppers during the public sale.)  Consignors who volunteer 12 hours will receive an additional 5% of their sales.

Our volunteer preview shopping time will be 4 pm – 8 pm on Tuesday, Sept. 15th.   The consignor preview shopping time will be at 6 pm.